Signs of dry skin are itchy, rough skin and redness. Dry skin is caused by dehydration and lack of moisture which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Now that Fall is here, symptoms of dry skin are more common due to environmental factors such as dry and cold weather. Other causes are UV rays and using water that is too hot to wash your face.

Best Products for Dry Skin

The best treatment for dry skin is to use products that moisturize the skin and soothes irritaded or red skin. The following recommendations are some of the best products for dry skin made by mesoestetic.

For daily use, a gentle cleanser and toner is recommended to rehydrate the skin. Try the Hydra Milk Cleanser which is a moisturizing cleanser by mesoestetic to bring back a healthy glow. After that, you can use the Hydronic toner to balance and oxygenate the skin. This toner does not include alcohol, so it helps prevent dehydration.

Follow up this daily skin care routine with a face mask that you can use as needed. The Hydra – Vital Face Mask works great for dry skin because it contains Vitamin E & C, which helps replenish water loss to brighten and soften complexion.

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