Although oily skin is caused by the production of excess oil, the main problem with oily skin is not necessarily the oil. Oil causes dirt and dead skin cells to get trapped in pores and this causes more problems such as acne, black heads, white heads, and clogged pores which are the actual negative results of oily skin.

Therefore the best way to treat oily skin, is to reduce the amount of oil that traps dirt in the pores.

Many think that applying moisturizer to oily skin is not nessecary, when in actuality applying a balanced, oil free moisturizer can help control oil production and regulate the skin. Use a mild cleanser daily that does not dry out skin so that the skin does not over produce oil later in the day and follow cleansing with a pH balanced, oil free moisturizer.

Helpful hint: look for a cream/gel formulation so it feels lightweight on the skin.

Some good habits for oily skin care are:

• Use a gentle astringent or toner which is mild and picks up excess dirt and oil after cleansing

• Use mild exfoliation at least 2 to 3 times per week to remove build up

• Use sunscreens that are not heavy and labeled non-greasy or oil free

• You may be able to use a serum instead of a regular moisturizer to hydrate the skin when needed or only at night

• Try a Salicylic acid peels which is recommended for oily, breakout prone and acne. This will help smooth skin texture and effectively treats hyperkeratosis.