Grascontrol Double Effect - Weight Loss

Nutritional supplement to aid in weight control

Inno-Caps® Reducer Plus

Inno-Caps® Reducer Plus

weight loss control tablets

Dermamelan Intimate Home Depigmenting Gel Cream 50ml

Dermamelan Intimate Home Depigmenting Gel Cream 50ml

Home depigmenting gel cream for intimate areas

Grascontrol® lipactive solutionGrascontrol® lipactive solution

Bodyshock Celluexpert 200ml

multi-action body cream. Defines, tones and smoothes orange peel skin

Grascontrol® detox powderGrascontrol® detox powder

Bodyshock Essential Cream 250ml

moisturising and nourishing body cream. smoothes the appearance of stretch marks

Body shock Push Up 150mlBody shock Push Up 150ml

Body shock Push Up 150ml

Firming effect for breast and buttocks


Bodyshock Intensive Mist

concentrated body solution. improves the appearance of localised areas

Bodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150mlBodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150ml

Bodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150ml

firming body cream with push up effect. improves skin elasticity and turgor


Inno-Epigen® Body Contour 200ml

smoothes dimpled skin, firms and reshapes the silhoutte


Inno-Derma® Epigen Keratoderm 200ml

body cream for dry & rough skin

INNO-EPIGEN® Perfect Glow

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