Age Element Brightening Solutions Bundle

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The mesoestetic® Age Element Brightening Solution Bundle is an intensive starting treatment designed to help restore your skin and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. This set includes four products: Brightening Complex Plus 5.5ml x 4, Brightening Concentrate 30ml, Brightening Cream 50ml, and Brightening Eye Contour 15ml.  

Combined together, these products can help revive dull skin, lighten age spots and dark circles, provide anti-aging protection, restore hydration levels, reduce inflammation, improve texture and clarity, and achieve a brighter complexion for a youthful look.

1x Age Element Brightening Cream - Cream with multi-antioxidant action to revitalize and even out skin tone.

1x Age Element Brightening Concentrate -  high concentration of antioxidant and brightening ingredients to providing radiance and even out the skin tone.

1x Age Element Brightening Eye Contour - Gel cream with brightening and antioxidant action to restore hydration and smoothen expression lines.

1x Age Element Brightening Complex Plus - Intensive treatment to revitalize and brighten intensively.

Age Element Brightening Solutions Bundle

  • 1x Brightening Complex Plus 5.5ml x 4
  • Contains a high concentration of vitamin C which can help boost collagen production and improve the overall tone of your skin.

  • 1x Brightening Concentrate - 30ml
  • Is packed with antioxidants and brightening active ingredients to help protect against environmental damage.

  • 1x Brightening Cream - 50ml
  • Works to revitalise and even out the tone of skin.

  • 1x Brightening Eye Contour - 15ml
  • Helps protect against wrinkles in this sensitive area while providing brightening and antioxidant benefits.

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