Collagen 360 Antiaging Holiday Pack

Firming action .  Collagen 360+ Ha Densimatrix 


  • Collagen 360 intensive cream (50ml)
    A firming cream developed from enriched marine collagen with the aim of counteracting the loss and deterioration of collagen in the organism and protecting the three dimensional structure of the dermal matrix. It has a dual action: maintaining the majority amino acid profile of natural collagen, and contributing retinol and ascorbic acid, which as well as regulating the activity of the enzymes of degradation, stimulate the formation of new collagen.

  • Collagen 360 eye contour (15 ml)
    Its tensor actives smooth the eye surround and visibly reduce the wrinkles, stimulating the regeneration of collagen. Contains exclusive interferential pigments which soften the bags under the eyes and the marks of fatigue. 

  • Ha Densimatrix
    Intensive concentrate that combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular structures for penetration at different levels. Provides anti-aging, plumping and filling action. All types of skin.

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