Inno-Derma® AKN Day Gel - Innoaesthetic®

Day gel that regulates sebum secretion in oily and acne-prone skins without dehydrating the skin.

Mechanism of Action
It has anti-microbial properties that help to avoid pore-clogging and infection. It prevents acne-related problems, purifies and reduces open pores, and makes skin shines disappear. 

  • Regulates sebum production. 
  • Prevents acne-related imperfections. 
  • Reduces open pores.


Oily skin, Acne-prone skin.

Product Protocol

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Application Technique:
Apply in the morning on clean and dry skin by softly massaging.

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Mandelic Acid, Salicylic acid, Proline, Taurine, Niacinamide, Sulfur, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Zinc Gluconate, Smart GPS®


50 g

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