Night Skin Restoring Bundle

$300 $360

The Night Skin Restoring Bundle from Innoaesthetics® is the perfect way to revitalize, protect and regenerate your skin while you sleep.

This bundle includes three powerful products that work synergistically overnight to give you beautiful, healthy skin.

Bundle contents:

  • 1x Inno-Derma® Epigen Hair Lotion 70ml provides a natural solution to alopecia while stimulating cell regeneration.
  • 1x Inno-Derma® Eye Revitalizer 15g contains botanical fortifying peptides to prevent puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.
  • 1x Inno-Derma® AKN B Purifier regenerates the skin in conditions of open pores, seborrheic/oily skin, acne scars and stretch marks.

By using this combination of products, you can achieve optimal skin health even after just one night’s rest.

Night Skin Restoring Bundle
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