Ultimate Acne Bundle

$300 $360

The Ultimate Acne Bundle by Innoaesthetics® is the perfect solution to treat and prevent acne. It contains six powerful products that combat acne in different ways.

Get smoother, clearer skin with this comprehensive bundle from Innoaesthetics®! 

Ultimate Acne Bundle

  • 1x Inno-Derma® Deep Cleanser 200ml
  • Designed for oily skin that detoxifies and removes all impurities to help regulate sebum production

  • 1x Inno-Derma® AKN Day Gel 50g
  • For oily skin and acne-prone skin that absorbs quickly and regulates oil secretion, preventing pore clogging and imperfections.

  • 1x Inno-Derma® AKN B Purifier
  • Works overnight to shrink open pores, regulate sebum production, and restore balance to the skin.

  • 1x Inno-Epigen® 180 Purifying Serum 30ml
  • Helps control oily skin and secrete sebum, reducing the appearance of pores for a shine-free complexion.

  • 1x Inno-Derma® Skin Repair
  • Offers quick recovery from external aggressions with its potent combination of active ingredients.

  • 1x Sun Defense Oily Skin SPF 50+
  • Provides broad spectrum sun protection while regulating sebum production for maximum protection against UVA and UVB damage.

    We suggest the following daily routine:

  • 1. Deep cleanser

    2. Purifying Serum or AKN Day Gel - alternate between these products every other day

    3. Skin Repair 

    4. Sun Defense Oily Skin

  • 1. Deep cleanser

    2. Purifying Serum or AKN B Purifyer - alternate between these products every other day

    3. Skin Repair

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