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Stem Cell Bundle - mesoestetic®

Reverses cell degradation process, by regenerating the skin tissue structure. For smoother skin, with more elasticity.

1 Stem Cell Growth Factor intensive Cream 50ml

1 Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour 15ml

Stem Cells are progenitor cells that are autorenewable by means of mitosis, and can regenerate one or more kinds of differentiated cells. There are adult stem cell populations in the various tissues responsible for periodic renewal and regeneration and repair when damage occurs in them (acting as cell reserve).

Stem cells can divide, without losing their properties, and generate new cells. They are the mainstay for the cell renewal process, so their protection and restoring is essential. For each protected stem cell, thousands of epidermal cells may be renewed, repairing the effects of skin aging. Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different dermal layers. Thanks to their ability to differentiate, they can regenerate aged tissues.

Stem Cell Bundle - mesoestetic®

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