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Antiaging Bundle

Global-acting anti-aging line designed to treat signs and symptoms characteristic of advanced aging.Prevent future damage and slow down premature aging. 

Receive a FREE Full Size Tester of Radiance DNA Night Cream when you buy 1 Radiance DNA Intensive Cream and 1 Mesoprotech SPF 50 Nourishing Oil.

1 Radiance DNA Intensive Cream SPF 15

1 Radiance DNA Night Cream - Free Full Size Tester

1 Mesoprotech SPF 50 Nourishing Oil 

The DNA is the code which holds all the necessary information for our cells to develop correctly over time. In an optimal situation, cells maintain a perfect balance between the active and restorative periods, and this allows them to recover from external aggression and to keep their metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, over time, oxidative stress and environmental factors, especially sun and free radicals, weaken the skin’s internal mechanisms, damaging DNA and unbalancing the expression of certain genes that are essential in the fight against skin aging.

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