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Grascontrol Double Effect - Weight Loss

Nutritional supplement to aid in weight control

$37.50 $75
Inno-Caps® Reducer Plus
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Inno-Caps® Reducer Plus

weight loss control tablets

$42 $60

Age Element Firming Elixir 30ml x 6

Nutritional supplement based on highly-enriched hydrolysed collagen

Dermamelan Intimate Home Depigmenting Gel Cream 50ml

Dermamelan Intimate Home Depigmenting Gel Cream 50ml

Home depigmenting gel cream for intimate areas

Inno-Caps® Age Control Caps

Inno-Caps® Age Control Caps

Tablets to improves skin elasticity and hydration

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Bodyshock Celluexpert 200ml

multi-action body cream. Defines, tones and smoothes orange peel skin

$77 $110
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Bodyshock Essential Cream 250ml

moisturising and nourishing body cream. smoothes the appearance of stretch marks

$53.20 $76
Body shock Push Up 150mlBody shock Push Up 150ml
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Body shock Push Up 150ml

Firming effect for breast and buttocks

$40 $80
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Bodyshock Intensive Mist

concentrated body solution. improves the appearance of localised areas

$77 $110
Bodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150mlBodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150ml
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Bodyshock Firm Up - Push up 150ml

firming body cream with push up effect. improves skin elasticity and turgor

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Inno-Epigen® Body Contour 200ml

smoothes dimpled skin, firms and reshapes the silhoutte

$77 $110
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Inno-Derma® Epigen Keratoderm 200ml

body cream for dry & rough skin

$56 $80

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