The solar spectrum

The sun is a source of energy that reaches our planet in the form of electromagnetic rays with different wavelengths. Human beings exposed to the sun perceive the effect of this radiation either in the form of visible light (high-energy visible light, HEV) or, in case of infrared radiation (IR), as heat. UV rays, however, cannot be seen by the naked eye, making sun exposure an inivisble risk.

Solar radiation and the skin

The different wavelengths of the rays that
reach our bodies penetrate our skin at
ravying depths and produce differentiated
biological effects.

mesoprotech® complex

Broad spectrum sunscreen complex:
Protection against UVB + UVA radiation.
Protection against visible light (HEV) and
infrared radiation (IR)

Optimal combination of physical, biological
and/or chemical filters to provide maximum
effectiveness and cosmetic benefits:

However, it does not have a natural ability to protect itself against all the effects of occasional or cumulative overexposure on the body.The skin has fedence systems against solar radiation, such as melanin productions or the release of antioxidant substances.